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Label Spirit 2008 Professional

Label Spirit is a professional barcode label software for all your labeling and printing needs
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8 March 2008

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Your labeling and printing needs can be dealt with easily. Want to know how? Try using Label Spirit 2008 Professional 5.0.0. With this program you would be able to make labels according to your requirements. It provides the user with the large variety of tools that can be easily operated to generate the desired result. It is complied with the features that help you to create the labels of different size, and have variety of other customizations done. You can have the modifications done for the labels like resizing, moving, etc. It also allows you to have the data generated in a sequence and import it from any kind of data through ODBC or ADO.

Label Spirit 2008 Professional 5.0.0 does not requires you to put in much effort to have the labels created. While creating the labels you need to select the size to make it large or small as required. You can have the changes made to the layout easily and have the preview shown on the main screen. It also provides the Label Editor and templates provided in the label stock. You can simply use the sample and make the required changes so that you need to not to create whole label. The software has the design flexibility and allows you to import and export the graphics. Make the selection relating to the ‘Advanced functions’ and set the customization for the label such as color, size, style, etc. It supports any kind of database and also has the Excel Sheet Data Editor, Advanced Query Builder, and different other features. Have the text, barcodes and shapes etc printed as required.

Label Spirit 2008 Professional 5.0.0 supports you with various functions that help you in the generation of labels, applying the required customizations. Rating of 4 points has been given to the software owing to superb editing features and ready to use templates.

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Label Spirit is a professional barcode label software for all your labeling and printing needs. It provides a wide variety of powerful, yet easy to use tools. You can create any size label with text, shapes and images, etc. You can also move, resize and modifying objects on labels. The data sheet lets you generate sequences of data freely, and you can import data from any database through ADO or ODBC too. Further more, Label Spirit support variable and functions, you can combine data from many different sources and set up advanced math, string, and logical functions.
Label Spirit 2008 Professional
Label Spirit 2008 Professional
Version 5.0
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